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Meister Vom Himmel
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About Us
Just who puts up a site called "Sheep for T1" and why?

What is Sheep for T1 all about?
If you are finding the telecommunications services industry a little too wild and woolly and have a sense that you're probably getting fleeced, you need what we have at Sheep for T1.

We're not about pulling the wool over anybody's eyes. We're offering an online search and shopping engine that will save you money on the high speed voice and data services you need to run your agribusiness. We specialize in T1 lines that are available in rural areas, plus business grade satellite data links that reach where the telco lines don't.

So, how do we bleat... er... BEAT the competition? We have very competitive vendors and a patent-pending automated quote service that can get prices in seconds, not days or weeks.

What to Sheep Have to Do with It?
Relax, the sheep are just for fun. Actually the name of our site is a play on words with Shop For T1, a service of Telarus, Inc., the company we are agents for and inventors of the technology we use to save you money. Not baaaad, huh? We don't have a stodgy business site because we are anti-stodgy. Stodgy means expensive. We're about lower prices based on competitive providers hungry for your business. You get first rate quality with service level guarantees, and better prices than you get from that city slicker in the suit who comes by to sell you digital telephone, dedicated Internet or private line services.

If you think this site is amusing, you should see T1 Rex, our original and highly successful online business telecom sales site. T1 Rex was based on the idea that metropolitan T1 line prices were way too high considering the amount of government deregulation in the telecommunications industry. Now Sheep for T1 is saving money for businesses located in rural areas. (We just have to keep the dinosaur away from the sheep and everybody will be happy.)

And Just WHO is Behind This?
I'm John Shepler, owner and publisher of this beautiful site. Believe me, when you see how much you can save with our service, you'll be praising its beauty too! I also write a blog called Telexplainer which I invite you to read and subscribe to. No charge, of course.

You can contact me about this site or anything we are offering by sending an email to: SheepContact (at)

Our Privacy Policy
Every good site has a privacy policy, and we are no exception. Any information that you care to provide us through our GeoQuote form will be used only to support your inquiry and nothing else. We never share or sell email addresses and won't send you a bunch of commercial spam.
All we ask is that you show us the same courtesy.

Just remember, count on us and you'll sleep a lot better! (Yeah, it's another sheep joke :-) Anyway....

Rural Connectivity at Affordable Prices
Find Carrier Ethernet as well as legacy copper, wireless and fiber bandwidth solutions for commercial and organizational (not residential) applications. Find out in seconds if your location or a nearby location is already lit for low cost fiber optic network service. Simply enter your building address in the form below and check the map results...

Quickly find fiber optic bandwidth solutions for your business location.

  Enter your building address here:

Street Address
City | State | Zip Code

Accurate business information is needed to provide correct results and prompt assistance. Your information will only be used for this applicaiton and will not be shared. Click here for the Telarus Shop For Ethernet privacy policy.

Our extensive telecom and network services are provided by Telarus, Inc., a premier bandwidth broker and master agency. Please provide accurate phone & email contact information or call toll free for support anytime at 1-888-848-8749. All information you provide will be used only to support your inquiry and will not be shared. Note: These services are appropriate for business addresses only.

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